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"Ninety percent of success is just showing up"

Got visions of us lying in wait for you with a plastic bag and a hatchet? Not so sure about having a load of unknowns coming round to your house and nicking all the family silver? Worried about sitting down in an unfamiliar neighbourhood with a bunch of strangers who want your money? Quite right. I'd be worried too.

Come and meet a few of us down the pub beforehand and tell us aaall about it. Dave P is the Organiser for London Poker Meetup - a group of poker players in London who meet up regularly to have a chat about poker over a pint or three. They hold a regular Pub Game which usually has at least a dozen 7/2 regulars along, sometimes more - the ideal opportunity for anyone who's new to the group to put faces to names  before making the decision to attend their first home game.

We basically just discuss the latest power tools, chug a few beers, and play, so it's the perfect opportunity for people to come along and satisfy themselves that we're not a bunch of checkraising, axe-swinging, screaming psycho-billies. Well, not all of us anyway. 

Anything from 20-50 people generally show up on the night and it's a friendly, fun and cheap evening out. As long as you don't play PLO with Vincent, that is (on all three counts). London Poker Meetup is run as a private members club so if you fancy making it down you should ideally sign up on the meetup site to get all the details and RSVP. Becuase it's a pub you'll also need to bring along some ID to prove you're not still at school. Let us know you're coming along and we'll look out for you, with plastic bag and hatchet at the ready. And a mop.

We play small-stakes tournaments and cash games (from a £5 buy-in), so there's always the chance you could sit down and win yourself a few quid to boot. All 7-2offsuit members are welcome to attend, you don’t have to play, and you can bring as many friends along as you like for moral support.

The Pub Game is probably the most friendly introduction to live poker you could wish for. Most of our members remember how intimidating it was to first set foot inside a live card room so you'll find that no-one takes themselves too seriously, no-one will criticise you for not being able to shuffle properly and we don't tolerate bullies, loudmouths or idiots. Whether you primarily play online and are looking to make the move to live play, belong to a home game and are looking to broaden your horizons, a complete novice who feels they're not quite ready yet to set foot inside a casino or public cardroom, or an experienced enthusiast and would like to just come and meet, chat and play with the friendliest poker crowd in London, then London Poker Meetup is for you.

London Poker Meetup is a members only social club with a membership of over 375, the largest poker meetup group in Europe. It is run on a strictly voluntary 'not-for-profit' basis and there are no membership dues, levies, entrance fees or rakes of any kind on any of the games that we play.


A private room above a pub close to London Waterloo. Other than that, you'll have to sign up to the London Poker Meetup to find out...


Why not? Put faces to names and play a little poker! 


Every Tuesday, with a big meeting at least once every month. Check out the old LPM website for the full tall skinny double decaf mocha latte scoop.

Who: Usually a dozen or so 7-2 regulars, plus another dozen or so random, nameless, faceless waifs and strays from the poker World :o)

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -