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On being asked why he played in a poker game that was known to be crooked, a player replied "But it's the only game in town!"

Blatant attempt to receive a kickback...

Fancy a game? We're not axe-murderers, thieves or hustlers, just a group of poker players with mixed levels of skill and experience and a love of the game - anyone who isn't any of the above (or an arsehole) is welcome to come along to one of our games, just drop us a line and tell us a bit about yourself first.  

That was my nickname at school. Up and coming home games are listed to the left by their host's name. You'll be able to see where the game is based, when it takes place, whether it is a cash game or a tournament, the buy-in, payouts, starting stacks and any other little quirks or peculiarities of the game on the host's page. There are often links for more info too.

If you are interested in playing on a particular night feel free to just contact the host directly from the email link on their respective game page. No Spam please. We will hunt you down and pummel you until sore.

The game host will confirm whether or not a seat is available and typically contact you a few days prior to the game with the address and directions if you haven't played there before. All you have to do then is turn up!

Hosts normally keep waiting lists in the event of cancellations, so if a game's full ask for your name to be put down. 90% of the time someone DOES cancel at short notice and you WILL get your bum on a seat. How long it actually stays there is up to you! 

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -