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"In poker, three idiots can often equal one genius."

ABC Player - Someone who plays very predictable, 'by-the-book', poker. Generally plays hands the same way and is fairly tight. Can do well at lower limits or looser games but often finds it difficult at the higher levels of play. I haven’t a clue who this could refer to. Any two suited for me.

ATM - see Calling Station

Aces Full - "You are right. I don’t heff spades". A full house comprising 3 aces and any pair, so a hand made up of 3 Aces and 2 Nines would be 'Aces full of Nines'. "Mike".

Ace-High - A High Card hand containing a single Ace as its highest card. This hand beats all other High Card hands without an Ace, and can sometimes be a winner in heads-up play or in a short-handed game.

Ace-rag - A Hold' Em starting hand comprising an Ace and any low value card, suited or otherwise. Nick’s a sucker for this hand.

Aces Up - A hand containing two pair, one of which is Bullets.

Act - Nothing to do with charades or amateur dramatics. Either an intentional Tell designed to give misinformation to other players about the strength of your hand, or also can refer to when it is a player’s turn to play (e.g. if you are Under The Gun you are 'first to act').

Action - Typically refers to checking, betting, calling and raising. To get 'no action' in a hand means having few players contesting the hand with you. A game with lots of action is one where lots of bets are being made, lots of chips are flying around and lots of money is changing hands. Can also refer to a when it is a player’s turn to act. "Action is with you, sir" is the patient dealer's mantra. In Acton we prefer “Wake the fuck up and play”

Active Player – Nothing to do with keep fit, getting out and about, or doing fun runs. Refers to any player who is still involved in the hand.

Advantage player - Someone who doesn't like to gamble, but only bets and calls when there is a positive expectation in doing so, or when the pot is laying him the correct odds to play.

Advertise - Playing hands in a certain way (either very tight or very loose) and showing down your cards for long enough that it leads other players to categorise you in a certain manner, so that when you vary your game at a later stage they will not expect it. Example: you bluff at a pot on the River when a third flush falls and are called with (and show) junk pocket cards. This may well induce a call later when you actually have the Nuts. You can also advertise when you show the winning hand at the showdown when all other active players have folded, for the same reasons explained above.

Aggressive - A style of play characterised by betting and raising, often whether you have the lead (or are semi-bluffing on a draw to a strong hand) or (in the case of Dale or Daniel) not.

AI – abbreviation for All In. Is there are abbreviation for 'abbreviation'?

Ajax - A Hold' Em starting hand comprising an Ace and a Jack, suited or otherwise. Also called a Blackjack, usually by people who are sitting at the wrong table, at the wrong game. Apparently some people will even raise with A-J, but I haven't actually met one.

Alligator Blood - "Cures headaches, shivers, and so aids restful sleep". Nope, that's 'Night Nurse'. A tough player who plays well, can keep his cool under pressure, and is resilient enough to stay in the hunt under difficult circumstances (for instance being the short-stack) is often said to have Alligator Blood. This is in reference to the antibiotic qualities of Alligator blood, which helps them to resist disease and recuperate from terrible wounds (say, sustained during the mating season) whilst all the time living in waters that are home to potentially infectious bacteria. Wow. Fount of knowledge? Moi? Who else thinks Teddy KGB sounds like Count Dracula when he says this in Rounders by the way? No? No? Just me then.

All-In - When a player moves all of their chips into the pot (either betting or calling) they are said to be 'all-in', 'moving all-in' or 'going all-in'. Such a player cannot be forced out of the pot by more betting from the remaining active players, but they are only eligible to win that portion of the pot that they have contributed to. When this happens any additional betting creates a side-pot which the remaining players contest in addition to the main pot, and to which the all-in player is not eligible. If another player bets more chips than you have in a NL game, they are said to be 'putting you all-in'. You have the option of going all-in (to call them) or folding. By doing the former you are staking your entire stack against an equivalent amount from your opponent's stack.

American Airlines - A Hold' Em starting hand comprising two Aces - the best possible hole cards you can look down on in Texas Hold’Em. Also known as 'Pocket Rockets' or just plain old 'Rockets'.  Dale just loves getting ‘em cracked by AQoff.

Angle - An action that might not exactly be against the rules, but which still involves tactics that other players might deem underhand, unfair or unethical. An example of an angle might be ‘accidentally’ acting out of turn or making a long ‘dwell-up’ in the hope that another player may act out of turn. Also called ‘Angle-shooting’.

Ante - This is a (typically quite small) bet placed in the pot by all players before cards are dealt, and which serves to seed the action by providing something to contest. Typically stud games like 7-card stud have an ante, but they are also often incorporated into the blind structures of poker tournaments (usually in the later levels). Typically antes kick in at level six or seven in most typical tournament structures (the 100/200 round).

Axs - This is a poker abbreviation for Ace-'x' suited, where the x denotes any low to medium card held of the same suit to the Ace in hand (say from nine to deuce). For example, a hand of A3 of spades would fall into the category of Axs. Also referred to as Ace-rag suited, more typically when the ‘x’ suited card is of low value.

                         - "Behold the power of the Beer Hand!" -